House Healing

House Healing is the practice of working with the subtle energy of the land, home and people who live there in order to bring about balance, harmony and wellness.

There are many influences that can stress the balance of the subtle energy in a location, or within a person and house healers will work to identify those and bring them back into balance.

Imbalances can come from the earth energies present in a location. Examples are ley lines, underground water streams, fault limes and more. Or it could be to do with a memory that has been left in the landscape or home that is disrupting the natural flow of energy, a ghost or elemental being that is impacting the space. It could also be a past life that is showing up for a person, ancestral memory, imbalances in a the auric field or chakra system etc.

A house healer will investigate using a combination of dowsing and intuition to identify what is creating stress in the environment and then work to resolve and harmonize issues.

The goal is to bring balance back to the subtle energy of the space and those that live or work there.

House healers work remotely or can work on location. The network is proud to support the work of many expert house healers across the globe. Members of the network have been trained in the practice of house healing and offer a variety of services to clients.

If you are looking for a professional house healer, check out our professional members page or find us on Facebook.

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Common Signs of Geopathic Stress

If you are experiencing any of these common signs, check out the Professional House Healer Registry to find someone to help

  • Not feeling refreshed or worse than previously upon waking.
  • Restlessness, difficulty in getting to sleep, excessive dreaming, very heavy sleep and excessive sleep requirements.
  • Cold or restless feet and legs in bed.
  • Fatigue and lethargy, unexplained mood changes.
  • Waking up at an odd angle in bed, perhaps on the edge of the bed.
  • Children repeatedly gravitating to a particular part of the home.
  • A feeling that there is something wrong with the home or part of the home that doesn’t feel right.
  • Not looking forward to going home or feeling better away from home.
  • Experiencing a health issue or illness that doesn’t respond to treatment, or becoming unwell after moving to your new home.
  • Little or no motivation to achieve goals.
  • Issues with abundance

Important: if you have health concerns, please visit a medical practitioner.

About the Network

The International House Healers Network is a global community of house healers who ​are working to bring harmony and balance to land, homes and people. The network is ​open to anyone trained in the practice of house healing or other forms of land and ​space clearing. Initially created by Tim Walter who is a House Healer and Alternative ​Life Coach , the network is now run by fellow House Healers, Melanie Lorien and ​Dawn Kirkham. Click on the image to find out more about Melanie and Dawn. The ​network is proud to have Tim as well as Adrian Incledon Webber, Master Dowser, ​House Healer and author of Heal your Home and Heal your Home II as a member ​sand mentors.

Our aims are to:

  • Provide a community of practice for members to share ideas, and advance the ​practice of house healing.

  • Help members to develop their knowledge and skills.

  • Support members to grow their business.

  • Promote the professional and ethical practice of house healing.

Melanie Lorien

Dawn Kirkham

Why Join

Inside our community you will get access to people, activities and events designed to help you to grow professionally.

Running your own house healing business or even trying to launch one can be a lonely place.

Being part of the network connects you to a community of like minds and people who are just as passionate as you about working with the subtle energies of the land, homes and people.

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Expert Speaker Series

As a member you will get access to network presentations held via zoom from an expert in one of the many aspects of house healing. New members will be able to access recordings of previous speakers.

Community of Practice

Regular opportunities to connect with network members to share ideas, challenges and questions and get support from peers.

Business Building

Sessions focussed on launching and building your house healing business.

Professional Register

Members have the option to sign up to our professional house healers register on the public facing website.

Become a Network Member

The professional network is open to anyone is is offering house healing services to clients in person or remotely. It is also open to anyone who offers land and space clearing.

Applying is simple:

1. Review the Terms and Conditions page to find out more information.

2. Complete the membership application form.

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Terms and Conditions

Proefessional Register

Members who wish to be showcased on the professional register do so at their own request. To be included, the member must provide the business name, bio/overview of services, image and contact information.

The register can be accessed by the general public. Should a prospetive client contact the network seeking a recommendation, they will be provided the details of the professional registry. No individual recommendations will be made by network the administrator.

Members are required to work in an ethical manner as professional house healers. Concerns may result in the removal from the professional register. The network reserves the right to make the decision to remove a member from the professional services register.

Members who are on the professional register will possess the relevant business insurance and certifications for their work.

Distribution/sharing of learning materials and zoom recordings

Network members are not permitted to distribute or share any learning materials or zoom recordings outside of the network.

Privacy Policy

Information collected for membership is used to ensure that members services and interests are related to the practice of house healing.

It is kept confidentially on a password protected Google sheets data-base and only the network administration team have access to this information.

Information for the professional register is provided by the inidivual member and is public facing.


£65 Annual Membership Fee.

For anyone who has not trained by the network, a one time registration fee of £10 will be required in addition to the annual fees of £65

Fees will be collected annually via PayPal.

Professional Members Register

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Based in Canada but works remotely across the world

Dawn Kirkham, Wellness

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Dawn is a subtle energy alchemist who works with the energy of land, space, and person from all over the world. She is a teacher, mentor and coach who supports others to grow and develop their intuitive and energy healing abilities. She brings three decades of experience to her work.

Dawn is a Director at large with the Canadian Society of Dowsers and Trustee of the British Society of Dowsers , and a registered tutor with them. She lectures internationally and teaches in person and online from the basics of dowsing to advanced practices like house healing, sound healing, crystal therapy and more. She has been dowsing and working with clients energetically for over 20 years.

Dawn is also a paranormal medium and has been working with Spirits for 30-years. She is a qualified teacher, Reiki Master/Teacher, Master Crystal Therapist, Sound Healer and Geomancer

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Based in Ireland but works remotely across the world

Melanie Lorien

Melanie is a keen earth energy dowser and house healer, having trained with Adrian Inceldon-Webber and Tim Walter. Also 'Tending The Hearth’ with Caitlin Matthews and Cait Brannigan. Melanie is a member of the BSD as well as The Irish Diviners and also admin for The Earth Energy Zoom group

Melanie has worked with the earth most of her life, studying, working & teaching horticulture, ecology & conservation. Which has given her practical experience of working with the spirit of the place, dryads, elementals & nature spirits. Dowsing directly with the land; discovering what issues it is experiencing & also needs to heal.

A life long animist, Melanie trained in the Western Mystery Tradition and is a Pagan Ovate Druid, working with O.B.O.D. A professional Tarot reader for 50 years, who has has worked with Spirits since she was a child.

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Based in England but works remotely across the world

Linda Lofthouse

Linda is a dowser, a house healer ,and an alternative healer. She offers a range of services, including home healing, space clearing, feng shui, personal healing and more. She is available for home appointments in the area of North Yorkshire and remote healing worldwide. Her speciality is in detecting and clearing negative energies that can cause stress, anxiety and other health problems in your home and on your family.

Her dowsing techniques can eliminate negative energies such as geopathic stress, EMF radiation, karmic issues and spiritual energies. Linda is also a practitioner in Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique and utilises all of her healing techniques to give you the best possible service.

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Based in germany but works remotely across the world

Tales Unfold

Blossom Winchester - Healer, Faery Witch, Tarot Reader, and Story Weaver.

With the help of Tarot, Reiki, and different House Healing options, Blossom will help you along on your Healing Journey. No matter if you need clarity about some questions with the help of the cards, or if you need to clear your space, fill up your home with fresh energies, and re-balance the earth energies, she can provide you with her knowledge.

Blossom also works closely with the Fae and other beings (the good, the bad and the ugly). If you experience any spirit activity in your home, she isn't afraid to take a closer look. Through the work with the Faery Realm, Ancestor work is also an important part of her path.

Blossom is a certified House Healer, Reiki Master and Oracle card reader.

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Based in Canada but works remotely across the world

Mountain Heights Healing

Zoë Baldwin has practised energy healing for over 30 years. She believes being around an energy that is detrimental to us for long periods of time can affect our wellbeing energetically, emotionally, and physically. To harmonize these issues, she offers the following House Healing Services:

  • Geopathic stress
  • Technopathic Stress
  • Geopsychic Stress
  • Personal Health Issues

She is also certified in a variety of Healing Modalities and has trained in many aspects of Intuitive, Psychic and Mediumship practices, teaches Indian head Massage through the International College of Energy Healing and Intuition and Divination workshops and courses.

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Based in England but works remotely across the world

Hilary’s Holistic

Hilary Keeping is a professional house healer and has always been sensitive to subtle energiess. She has also completed a year-long apprenticeship with the Animate Earth Collective, which involved a deep dive into Animism, a beautiful nature-based practice involving deepening the connection to the earth and the belief that everything has a spirit and consciousness, including the earth herself.

A house healing session with Hilary can assist symptoms of geopathic stress to lift and be replaced with a sense of ease and wellbeing. Hilary also uses dowsing to search for lost pets and is a Reiki Master, specializing in Reiki for animals and animal communication. She also facilitates and hold space for dogs and their guardians to experience the plants through the offering of essential oils, hydrosols, herbs and other natural substances from plants,

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Based in England but works remotely across the world

Tracey Howarth Tomlinson

Tracey is a House Healer, Alternative Wellbeing Coach, Reiki Master Teacher and complementary therapist. She has published three non-fiction books on spirituality and self development and has a YouTube channel full of meditations and personal development videos.

Tracey believes we all have within us the ability to create a life we truly desire; we just need the tools to help us. In her blog she shares the techniques that she uses to enhance her life, spirituality in the modern world and connecting to higher sources of consciousness.

She is also a qualified teacher with 22 years experience in Further Education

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Based in scotland but works remotely across the world

Angelika Addison

Angela detects imbalances in your personal energy field as well as harmful energies such as technopathic or geopathic stress as well as unwelcome entities like spirits within your home. She rebalances and harmonise these energies through focused intent. This creates a healthier, lighter, warmer, and more welcoming home environment, which in turn nurtures your well-being and enhances your health.

Angela has been supporting and caring for children and adults with special needs for over 30 years. Her experience in this field includes the autistic spectrum, genetic syndromes, as well as behavioural and emotional difficulties. Children and adults with special needs are very sensitive to geopathic stress and she uses her skills as a house healer to improve their well-being.

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House Healing Training Programs

Certified Profectional House Healing Practitioner

Dawn Kirkham , MA ,House Healer

10 month journey, where you will explore ​the detrimental energies that can have a ​profound impact on land, space and people ​and learn how you can heal yourself, others, ​and the land. At the end of your journey, you ​will be able to work as a professional house ​healer.

This is accredited by the International ​Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and an ​affiliated program with the British Society of ​Dowsers.

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Knights Rose Professional House Healing Course

Tim Walter - House Healer and Alternative Life Coach

10 monthly group sessions with full email support. Intuitively led guidance and training in the proven remote working methodology This course is designed to assist individuals develop the confidence to create an online professional presence as a house healer or for those who want to integrate “intentional” living as a part of daily life.”

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Dowsing Spirits

Adrian Incledon Webber, Master Dowser ​and House Healer

Adrian is the author of Heal your Home and ​Heal your Home Two and offers in person ​courses designed to help you to heal your ​own home or work on healing the home of a ​client.

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